Our story

Our founder first migrated to Australia from Japan with his wife in the early 90s. With a family history deeply ingrained in the food industry, he too fell in love with the food sphere. After success opening his first Japanese restaurant in Balmain, Sydney, he became well entrenched with other culinary professionals both from Sydney and his hometown.

However, with old age both he and his wife developed an allergic reaction to MSG. Now seen as a  blessing in disguise, their allergies meant they had to source ingredients that wouldn't prevent him cooking meals for him and his wife. Therefore he closed his restaurant and set his sights on bigger and better things: sourcing MSG-free ingredients, and made it a full time job. As a former chef, only ingredients from the highest grade was used. Many were trialled and compared allowing him to refine and cultivate his knowledge of Japanese products. 

To this day, this allergy to MSG and belief in quality remains at the heart of our company. 
You may not know his name, but now you know his story.
. . . . .
Welcome to Fukuyu Foods.