Tsuyu no Moto/Soba, Udon soup  [岩手 佐々長 つゆ]    

Tsuyu no Moto/Soba, Udon soup  [岩手 佐々長 つゆ]    


Made in Iwate with pure water of Mount Hayachine all natural ingredients. This Tsuyu is an excellent base to soup broths, dipping sauce for tempura, chawanmushi (egg custard)

Tsuyu no Moto has recently become popular among Japanese cooks for adding extra flavour to a dish and is now one of the most essential seasoning ingredients in the Japanese culinary world.

Dilute 1 part Tsuyu to 4 part water for a tempura dipping sauce. Or add it directly to cooked Udon or Soba for that ultimate umami kick.



Soy Sauce, Sugar, Bonito Flakes, Salt, Mirin

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