Hayashiya - Sushi Nori Ariake [林屋海苔店 有明 寿司海苔]

Hayashiya - Sushi Nori Ariake [林屋海苔店 有明 寿司海苔]


Extra premium grade Nori sheets pre cut specially for making hand rolls (60 half sheets, 100g)

Made by Hayashiya Nori Ten, in Tsujiki. They supply some of the top sushi restaurants in Japan and around the world.

This particular nori is sourced from the Ariake Sea in Kyushu region, known for its pristine waters and top quality nori fields.

This Nori has a light and extra crispy texture with a sweet umami.

Packed in vacuumed sealed aluminium with resealable fastener. 

60 half sheets , 100g


Dried Seaweed

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