Nitamai Koshihikari Rice 2kg [ 出雲 岩田農園  仁多米 ]

Nitamai Koshihikari Rice 2kg [ 出雲 岩田農園  仁多米 ]


This hand crafted special Koshihikari rice,

It milled just before shipping from Japan.

Depend on seasons & availability in Japan, Koshihikari come from

Shimane prefecture.

Nita rice( Koshihikari) is cultivated in the Okuizumo Basin at Shimane

High-quality rice at Iwata farm has been created by switching from 

conventional high-yield cultivation to low-yield high-quality cultivation.

Rice farming begins with making soil. 

Iwata farm strive to improve the ground by placing straw, grass and organic compost of homemade compost, it help reducing chemical fertiliser and agricultural chemicals.

you can enjoy high quality & safe

The important thing for delicious white rice is when it was milled.

Nita rice in Iwata Farm is shipped immediately after being milled to Australia.

Manufacturer: Iwata Noen

Manufacturer: Takaki shoten

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