Organic Japanese Sencha Tea No.100

Organic Japanese Sencha Tea No.100


Package size 100g

Early harvested : Deep Umami and Aroma from Shizuoka

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Every year in Japan, a massive of qualitative tea has to be produced, therefore an effective production is important by using a lot of agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers.
However, the purpose of our company is to make a pure natural organic tea. Without using any agricultural chemical and chemical fertilizer, our tea is being grown upon the highland.
Moreover, we have the certificates issued by JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standand), EC (Eurpean Commission), and American NOP (National Organic Program).

It is organic green tea grown in the harsh wilderness spanning 400m altitude at the foot of the mountain Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture. Sencha green tea is a drink that has been most commonly in the Japanese tea. Pluck the buds that sprout from spring to summer, steaming with steam, made ​​dry rub while. Compared to production tea general tea plantation, a wild flavor taste is characterized by a strong smell.

I was represented by the difference between the number of No.50 ~ No.150 of time to pluck the sprouts. I have been using tea leaves is more bigger the number is picked early. The flavor and savoriness friendly is featured, as will be No.80, No.100, at No.150, No.50 umami is increasing.

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