Miso Soup



Ingredients (Serves 4)

400ml Dashi we recommend - Shindahsi Soup Stock Bags

2 tablespoons Miso paste - we recommend Shinsyu Miso

100g tofu cut into 1cm cubes

4 pieces of Wakame - Shima Wakame

1 shallot Finley slice about a 5 cm piece.


  1. Add the Dashi into a pot, add in the wake and soak for a few mins.

  2. Bring the Dashi to a simmer, add in the Miso and the tofu. Simmer for a few mins. you may need to add some soy sauce if you like it more salty.

  3. Take off the heat stir well and add a scoop of the soup into 4 bowls bowls, sprinkle with the sliced shallot and wakame serve

Eddie Stewartmiso, wakame, tofu, soup