Sukiyaki - Kansai style


Serves 4


300g of thinly sliced beef 

2 Shallot  or leeks

1 pack of noodles- we recommend Konnyaku noodle

8 pieces of shiitake mushroom - we recommend Kosher Shiitake Mushroom (soak over night in water to rehydrate)

Roasted tofu

1/2 of edible chrysanthemum

half of Chinese cabbage

a piece of beef fat

eggs (if you like)

Ingredients of seasoning to add to the pan

50ml Soy sauce  - we recommend Iwate Natural Soy

50ml Sweet sake

50g Sugar

1 litre of water or you can use a combination of water and Sake

The amount of soy sauce, sweet sake, sugar, and sake or water depends on your taste and should be adjusted to how you like it.


1. Cut the ingredients. Heat the pot and melt beef fat.

2. Roast the Shallot or leeks and lightly grill both sides of the beef slices.

3. Add the soy, sake, sugar and water to the pan and bring to a simmer.

4. Enjoy beef & shallot with by waving in the hot pot of broth and then dipping dipping in raw eggs which has been whisked.

5. Other ingredients can be put the pot now the leeks, tofu, chrysanthemum, mushroom, and the noodles.

6. Put some more beef and add soy sauce & sugar as your taste


-When the water level of the pot becomes low, you can add some sake or water.

-Chinese cabbage must be added. Water from the vegetables makes the taste.

- Make sure to skim the scum off the top of the pot after cooking the beef